Criticism About Your Art

Is criticism of your work bringing you down? The fear of disappointing others can hold you back from truly living. In art, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes many will love it and sometimes it will seem like nobody sees what you do. You are not alone. There is someone out there that needs to see it. Art is about connection and that means sharing what you create no matter if someone thinks it’s good or bad. When you go to an art gallery, there will be certain work you are more drawn towards but that doesn’t make everything else less worthy or desired. I think art is about showing your unique perspective to others and they can interpret it however they want. This means you will get opinions all across the board. 

Anyone can be a critic but not everyone creates. You will never be able to please everyone so be selective in who’s opinion you care about. Not every opinion is important. Thinking of what will satisfy the most people is not always what’s best for you or your career. Over the years I’ve learned that creating pieces that I love is more important than trying to cater to everyone’s taste. No matter the number of likes, if it made me feel while creating it, that’s all that matters. It’s about the purpose. For many, art is therapy. It allows you to express yourself in a way other’s can share. Your art will draw in others who have similar perspectives and standards. These people are your tribe. Don’t water yourself down and thin out your talent because people told you it is over the top or weird. Your ideas are needed. Keep creating and living your life to the fullest. 

Those that criticize are often looking for fault and not trying to appreciate the good. It’s not about the merit of your work. If you look for fault, you will find fault no matter how wonderful, amazing, unique, difficult, or draw dropping something is. If you look for good you will see good in even what others consider bad. Can you hate it and appreciate the craft it took to create it? Absolutely. This is what respect means. Those who do not respect your work are not the ones you should be listening to. There is a difference between constructive criticism which aims to improve versus malice. To all my fellow furniture artists and creatives, don’t let others stop you from your passion. Let them judge as you keep giving back to the world with your art. It takes courage to put yourself out there. There will always be someone out there who appreciates you. You may not ever know or hear from them but they are out there. I commend you for taking risks and sharing yourself publicly. Stay strong and paint on. 

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