Metallic Paints on Furniture

What are metallic paints? They are acrylic-based paints that have metallic pigments. They can be used on multiple types of surfaces. Some are meant to be used on large surfaces such as furniture. These ones are thinner in consistency than the ones in smaller containers with more paste-like consistency. There are many brands that now offer metallic paints. My favorite is modern masters because they carry the largest range of colors and they are high-quality paints. They have colors ranging from silver to orange.

Using metallic paints is very different from using other furniture specialized paints. Furniture paints are usually chalk-based or acrylic. However, the application of metallic paints requires a special technique. In order to get a smooth surface without brushstrokes. Some metallic paints are opaque while others are semi-transparent or transparent. Make sure you know the transparency of the paint you are using. You can find it on the paint labels. You can mix metallic paints together as long as they are water-based. You can create your own special metallic color if you wish. You can also mix metallic paints with a transparent fluid to create a glaze. There are metallic spray paints as well.

Cling On Furniture Paint brushes

It is important that you use a synthetic bristle brush to apply the paint. This will give you smoother brushstrokes. I love using my Cling On brushes. It is also very important to prime before you apply the paint. If you do not do so then you will end up having to apply many layers. I prefer to paint a base coat that is the same color or similar in color to the metallic paint. It helps the paint be true to color. You will not have to apply as many coats in order to achieve a painted surface. Metallic paints play with the light as far as the brightness And dark tones. This is a reason why having a smooth surface will bring out the true beauty of the metallic paint finish. Always seal metallic paints with water-based polyurethane.

Moonlight Gardens Vanity

Some tips when using metallic paints.

  1. The base color will affect the color of your metallic paint.
  2. Use a synthetic brush to apply and make your brushstrokes in the same direction. This will give you a smoother finish.
  3. Apply under bright lighting as the coverage of the paint can appear differently at certain angles since it is a light reflective paint.
  4. Do not overwork the paint. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next layer even when blending.
  5. Use a wet brush so it does not go on too thickly.
  6. Sand lightly between layers to get rid of brushstrokes.
  7. Always seal preferably using a water-based topcoat.
  8. Have fun 😊

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